What Worked Asia - 30 Jun 2017 - Value and to a lesser degree Size did well this week

What Worked

Value and to a lesser degree Beta dominated in South Korea this week. Dongkuk Steel Mill is up 13% and Daishin Securities is up 14%. In China, long-term momentum names did well this week. Grand Baoxin Auto Group is up 6% and China Tian Lun Gas Holdings is up 2%.

Nothing really significant stood out in Hong Kong and India. In Singapore it was all about high dividend yield names. Croesus Retail Trust is up 12% and Frasers Logistic & Industrial Trust is up 2%. In Taiwan, low PBR names and to a lesser degree Size outperformed this week. United Microelectronics is up 15% and Au Optronics Corp is up 8%.

Who Moved

157 names moved on volume this week. Taiwan pick up approx. a third of the volume spikes and HK/China also pick up a third of the spikes. The rest of the spikes were spread across the other regions. At the sector level, the Finance Sector picked up approx. a third of the volume spikes. On the positive side, Hongkong & Shanghai Hotels is up 28%, iNtRon Biotechnology is up 20% and Jaiprakash Associates Limited is up 20%. On the other side, BEP International Holdings is down 32%, Hua Hong Semiconductor is down 10% and TalkMed is down 9%.


PDF Report available here: Download


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