What Worked Japan - 16 Jun 2017 - Beta and Long-term momentum names were hurt this week

What Worked

Long-term momentum and high Beta names were hurt this week. Long-term momentum names have not done this poorly since the end of March this year. Disco (6146) is down 10%, Furukawa Electric is down 10% and Toyo Tire & Rubber (5105) is down 9%.  High Beta names also did not do well this week. Beta has only worked 1 out of the last 6 weeks. High Beta names that outperformed this week were Maeda (1824) is up 8%, Toshiba (6502) is up 7% and Daiwa House Industry (1925) is up 6%.

To a lesser degree, growth names did not do well this week. Sumco (3436) is down 9%, Nippon Paint Holdings (4612) is down 8% and Tokyo Electron (8035) is down 7%.

Who Moved

Only 10 names moved on volume this week. On the positive side, Tsumura (4540) is up 11%, ONO Pharma (4528) is up 9% and Aiful (8515) is up 3%. On the other side, Mabuchi Motors (6592) is down 8%, Nippon Paint Holdings (4612) is down 8% and Softbank Group (9984) is down 4%


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