What Worked Asia - 17 Mar 2017 - Good move into high Beta and Large-cap names

What Worked

In China there was a move into high Beta names. Meitu, Inc was up 42% and Future Land Development Holdings was up 20%. In Hong Kong we also saw a move into high Beta names as well as high ROE names. Two high Beta names in Hong Kong that did well were China Overseas Grand Oceans Group is up 11% and IGG, Inc was up 19%.

In South Korea we saw a move into large-cap names and a move into high Beta names. Hyundai Mipo Dockyard was up 9% and S-Oil Corp was up 11%. Large-cap names also did well in Singapore this week. Jardine Cycle & Carriage was up 5% and City Developments was up 5%. Large cap names in Malaysia and Indonesia did well this week. Bursa Malaysia was up 5% and UMW Holdings were up 6%.

Who Moved

265 names moved on volume this week. A good portion of the volume spikes came in the Financial Sector. On the positive side, Hong Kong International Construction is up 17%, Meitu Inc is up 42% and O-Net Technologies is up 25%. On the other side, Group Lease Public is down 29%, Plaza Indonesia Realty is down 8% and Coal India is down 7%.


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