What Worked Japan - 27 May 2016 - Nothing really this week

What Worked – Wow this is one of those weeks when really nothing stands out. There was a slight move towards low PE names, but the move was not that strong. Low PE names that did well this week were NOK Corp up 7%, T&D Holdings up 6% and Mitsubishi Motors up 6%. There was also a slight sell off in names with high Sales growth. ONO Pharma was down 7%, Trend Micro was down 5% and Rakuten was down 4%. But really nothing stood out this week.

Who Moved – Only 13 names moved on volume this week. On the positive side, Sankyu Inc was up 10%, Ushio Inc was up 3% and Hikari Tsushin was up 2%. On the other side, Kyoritsu was down 6%, Lion Corp was down 6% and Seven Bank was down 3%.


PDF Report available here: Download


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