Names with still some confusion (Consensus Estimates with high Standard Deviation)

With Earnings season right upon us, we screened for names where the Street has not made up its mind. More specifically names where the standard deviation across Analyst estimates is greater than 20% of the mean estimate. I found it interesting that out of the 28 names that made the Screen, 36% did not have Company Guidance. For Example, OP consensus estimate for Mitsubishi Corp is 142,769.4 mm yen. However the Std Deviation is 46,258.4 so the OP range is from 189,028 mm to 96,511 mm yen. So it is pretty much anyone’s guess where Mitsubishi will come in at…. JX Holdings is even worse with a OP consensus range from positive 41,485 to negative 168,451 mm yen.

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