What Worked Asia - 01 Apr 2016 - Only Size worked in China but Value was strong in the Philippines

What Worked – There was a slight move into Size in China, however other than Size really nothing else worked. Dalian Wanda Commercial was up 21% and Dalian Port was up 17%. In Hong Kong really nothing stood out this week. In South Korea there was a reverse with a selloff in Size and a slight move into Beta and names that were up over the last month.  Yungjin Phama was up 39% and Daewoong Pharma was up 23%.

Singapore saw a slight move away from high beta names and into Quality. Hong Leong Finance was up 4% and Haw Par Corp was up 3%. In Indonesia, Value was hurt across the board. Bank Pembangunan Daerah Jawa Barat was down 7% and Bank Danamon Indonesia was down 7%. On the other side, Value did well in the Philippines. High Div Yield names that did well were First Gen Corp was up 8% and D&L Industries was up 4%.

Who Moved – A good number of the volume spikes came in Taiwan and Indonesia. At the Sector level, Process Industries and Producer Manufacturing saw a good number of spikes. On the positive side, Yungjin Pharma was up 39%, Dalian Wanda Commercial was up 21% and Texhong Textile Group was up 17%. On the negative side, Wisdom Sports was down 33%, Boer Power was down 25% and Ruentex Development was down 15%.


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