What Worked Asia - 19 Feb 2016 - Value and Beta drove most Markets in Asia this week

What WorkedBeta and Value bounced in Hong Kong this week. Beta has not done this well in Hong Kong since last September. Obviously there was a huge reversal in price momentum. Names that did well were Alibaba Health up 37% and Season Pacific Holding up 23%. In China it was all about Beta and to a lesser degree Value. Huaneng Renewables was up 35% and Huadian Fuxin Energy was up 30%. In South Korea, it was the opposite. Value was the strongest and Beta trailed behind. Value names that did the best were OCI was up 26% and Ssangyong Cement was up 12%. Singapore was all about Beta and Large cap. The one-week price reversal was through the roof high. Names that were up were Sembcorp Marine was up 20% and Noble Group was up 18%. Interestingly in India, Value barely worked and Beta did nothing this week. Indonesia was also all about Value and Beta did nothing this week. Names that were up were Eagle High Plantation up 27% and Media Nusantara was up 10%. Value and Beta did well in Malaysia. SapuraKencana Petroleum was up 9% and Press Metal was up 5%.

Who Moved218 names moved on volume this week. A good number of volume spikes came in India and South Korea. Relative to other regions, there were not a lot of spikes in China and Hong Kong. At the Sector Level, the Finance Sector dominated the spikes. On the positive side, Thai Airways International was up 37%, Huaneng Renewables was up 34% and Just Dial was up 26%. On the other side, COSMAX was down 21%, Enseval Putera Megatrading was down 18% and Korea Kolmar was down 17%.


Factor Performance Asia ex-Japan

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